Billionaire Shark Society

What is a DAO?

DAO stands for a Decentralised Autonomous Organization which is collectively controlled and managed by its members. DAOs have built-in treasuries that no one has the authority to access without the approval of the group. Decisions are governed by proposals and voting to ensure everyone in the organization has a voice in the decision making and future of the project.

In a nutshell, a DAO is and gives the opportunity to:

  • A member-owned community without centralized leadership
  • A safe way to collaborate with internet strangers
  • A safe place to commit funds to a specific cause

A DAO will also be created to govern the future of The Billionaire Shark Society. Ideas that will likely be shared are:

  • How to build Shark University
  • Decide on future collections of The Billionaire Shark Society
  • Determine the design of the future merchandise
  • Decide on real-life meetups
  • Determine how we will support the Solana Ecosystem. For example, by hosting Twitter Spaces with other NFT projects or marketplaces in the Solana Ecosystem

The Billionaire Shark Society is built by the people, for the people.

We hope that you will enjoy your future membership at The Billionaire Shark Society.

Kind regards,

The Billionaire Shark Society Team